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In 2019 Radford United (LE3) Ltd continue to support community groups across the district of

Blaby and throughout Leicestershire, the emphasis on promoting and supporting groups to enable them to thrive in times of economic uncertainty. We can support your community groups in a number of different ways. Advertising community groups and their events via this website is one of the ways we can help. Contact us if you would like our support.

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Leicester Huntsmen

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Radford United Community Action Group 

Leicester Huntsmen  - Flag Football – Leicester Forest East -

Established 2014

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Neil Wymer)*


Background -


Flag football is the smaller version of American Football and it is 5 vs 5 without all the big hits, pads and helmets. The name literally derives from how a tackle is made. You pull a flag from a belt and the play stops there. Each team get 4 chances to reach halfway or score. If you reach halfway, you get a further 4 chances. 


Scoring is achieved by either running the ball in or catching in the endzone for 6 points touchdown. Then you can attempt an extra 1 point from the 5-yard line or 2 points from the 10 yard line. 


The Huntsmen were originally set up back in 2014 and we practiced on Forest Park, LFE. The then age group was under 13s and we entered the BAFA (British American Football League) in 2015. We reached the finals in our first season, finishing 3rd, narrowly missing out on the final by a single point. 


In 2016 the age ranges changed, and we then had an under 12s league and an under 17s. So, through great recruiting we entered two teams, one in each age group. 


The U12, reached the finals again for the next two years 2016 & 2017, this time finishing 4th. 


In 2018 both the U12s and U17s reached finals. This time around the U12s would come away as national champions and the U17s as runners up. 


As things stand the U17s are ranked #1 in the country with one league game day remaining before finals at 9-0. The U12s have two game days left and are unbeaten also with a 5-1-0 record. 


We also set up an adult team in 2017 and took part in the league last year, finishing 4th in our division. The average age of our players was 39 at the time. 


We have ex Great Britain coaches within our ranks, so we pride ourselves on our skills and fundamentals.

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Radford United Community Action Group, founder David John Di Palma...

Radford United Community Action Group worked predominantly with senior citizens and hard-to-reach groups from a cross section of the community throughout Leicester Forest East, Braunstone Town and across the District Of Blaby. Early successes included; securing positive changes to a housing development, a refund of service charges for residents of a Sheltered Housing Scheme, Improving Services for the Community and working with a number of agencies and Community Stakeholders including Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue, Leicestershire Scouts, Age UK and many more on initiatives including crime prevention, health, safety and wellbeing, raising awareness of abuse (sexual, physical and mental), community development, running charitable events, social inclusion and community cohesion.   

In addition, Radford United established a Community Newsletter and Community Darts and Ten Pin Bowling Teams with the emphasis on Community Cohesion, Tackling Social Isolation and the promotion of Diversity, Equality and Freedom of Expression. Understanding the need to support the local community in the times of continuing financial cuts to local services and using the vast experiences gained from his varied roles. 

From his unique perspective David fully understands the impact of financial cuts to vital services such as Social Care, Housing, GP and Health Services, Community Transport and Supporting Vulnerable Adults. By August 2017 Radford United Community Action Group had been twice nominated for the

Blaby District Council Prestigious Community Awards, an annual awards evening recognising the contributions of individuals and community groups. Radford United were nominated in the category of Outstanding Achievement for a Community Group.

Not wanting to forget the fundamental principles of Radford United David insists that
Radford United (LE3) Ltd continue to support community groups across the district of Blaby and throughout Leicestershire, the emphasis on promoting and supporting groups to enable them to thrive in times of economic uncertainty.

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